Natalie Naude – Chief Operating Officer

An inspiration to all the eco conscious people around the world. This award winning business woman sets an example of doing everything in a eco friendly way. Whether on a business meeting in Sandton or off to fetch her son after cricket practice she always does it in style.

Chris Naude – Chief Executive Officer

The man with the plan.  Chris is the type of person who solves problems and offers help where it's needed.  Passionate about promoting and exploring sustainable options, his positive energy always gets everybody going .  Enjoys reading, the outdoors, scuba diving and fishing trips (followed by a good glass of red)
Green tip: Switch the TV off. Walk or cycle when you can.

Tieneke Brosens -Graphic Designer

Her passion for design fills up the office with creative concepts and ideas. Her words to live by are “Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity." (Bo Bennett). She enjoys spending time with her family whether in a mall or on the beach she's always smiling.

Nomakhaya Mbelu - National Expo Co-ordinator

Nomakhaya "Noma" Mbelu is a self-motivated, charismatic and daring young lady. She's passionate about the upliftment of others, especially within the youth, and constantly participates in outreach programs that guide her to become the leader she aspires to be. She loves outdoor activities, being around people and learning new things. One of her motto's is "anything is possible if you set your mind to it" and she works hard everyday to successfully achieve the things she wants in her life.

Pindiwe Ketelo - National Account Executive

I am growing into the version of me. I am happy and grateful. I am good to those I care about and I make a difference. We can all leave lighter environmental footprint through our everyday actions. So do something green , do your part everyday. Remember Green work – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle & Respect.