(Eco)nversations: Change agents

Green artists are change agents.  For (eco)nversations curator Janet Botes, green art is concerned with environmental themes, aiming to raise awareness and ask questions, to generate support or to inspire action.  The desire to occupy ourselves with the current ecological crisis that threatens our survival is a moral one.  We cannot assume that it comes ‘naturally’. It is a choice.  Many green artists today have lived the ideology of a sustainable lifestyle and edeavoured to become a part of the change.  They have taken the responsibility to change themselves and their community.

BASA Awards Finalist

We are extremely proud that of the (Eco)nversations artists (Janet Ranson, Danelle Malan, Stefanie Schoeman, Simon Max Bannister, Claire Homewood, Nicolle Marais, Kai Lossgott and Janet Botes) Their inspiring exhibition enabled The Green Expo to be nominated as a finalist for  the prestigious BASA awards to be held in August.

The awards, presented by Business and Arts South Africa (NPC) in partnership with Business Day and Anglo American recognise and promote excellence and innovation in the field of business support for the arts.

Thanks to all who participated, got involved at the expo, praised, criticised, laughed, questioned….  Started conversations!

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Greenpop’s Trees for Zambia 2013 is underway

Press Release, 15 July 2013:

 Greenpop’s Trees for Zambia 2013 is underway, 1021 trees planted in first week and Earth Fest this weekend in Livingstone

Greenpop has embarked on its second Trees for Zambia Action Event, from 7 – 28 July 2013.  The Trees for Zambia project is a reforestation project in Livingstone and an eco-awareness campaign.  The 3-week tree planting event is coupled with an ongoing campaign to inspire awareness about deforestation, climate change, tree planting, environmental sustainability and alternative energy sources. Trees for Zambia 2013 volunteers will plant indigenous and fruit trees in schools, on subsistence farms and in reforestation sites, sourcing as many trees as possible from local small scale growers. Again Greenpop will host educational workshops for school children, subsistence farmers and volunteers. Trees for Zambia is a holistic awareness campaign based on getting people active about making sustainable changes.

This year has a particular focus on alternative energy sources namely solar energy and will see the making of solar cookers and awareness-raising on their use. Volunteers from around the world are in Livingstone for one, two or three weeks and are guaranteed a rewarding and fun experience and are based at the Greenpop Village (found at the Livingstone Safari Lodge half way between Victoria Falls and Livingstone town).


Last week was Week 1 of the green Action Event and saw 1021 trees planted at 6 different schools, Sons of Thunder Farming Community and Dambwa Forest concession in collaboration with Lion Alert. Greenpop also hosted Forest in Focus Film event at the Greenpop Village in Livingstone, which saw the 5 winning United Nations Short Films on Forests screened. Last Thursday evening a speaker evening was held and attendees were treated to talks by Talks from modern sustainability activist Josh Ramsey, Botanist Evelyn Roe, Environmental activist Tribute Mboweni and CEO of the African Lion Environmental Research Trust Dave Youldon. On Friday evening, a celebration was held and live music performances saw us into the weekend – Jeremy Loops, Tribute Mboweni and Josh Ramsay (playing together for the first time) and Flint, Meet Spark.

Greenpop believes greening and sustainable living can be fun and is very excited about the Trees for Zambia project providing this avenue for volunteers. We are excited to build connections with those working in Zambia on reforestation and environmental awareness and are looking forward to spending time with like-minded people who are ready to plant, learn, educate, share and explore their way towards sustainable change.

Trees for Zambia is 3 weeks of planting, solar cooking, film evenings, speaker evenings, football games, sustainability workshops, tree identification courses, teacher training, educational wall murals, live music evenings, food forest experiments, and lots more fun. For the full schedule of events for Trees for Zambia, click here: http://www.greenpop.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Schedule-Greenpop-Trees-for-Zambia-2013.pdf

Fun & Earth Fest this week

On top of planting and various education and solar energy projects Trees for Zambia hosts a series of fun evening events to reward a hard day’s work.  Over the three weeks, there will be screenings of short films on eco topics on Tuesdays, soccer games on Wednesdays and conference evenings on Thursdays.  Conference themes are ‘sustainability’ for the first week, ‘deforestation’ for the second week and ‘eco-tourism’ for the third week.  Fridays are party nights with a host of local and African bands performing.  The second weekend (THIS WEEK) also sees Earth Fest, a music and sustainability festival, combine with Trees for Zambia.  The weekend starts with a train party from Livingstone station to Victoria Falls bridge, complete with DJs and drinks – and attendees can bunji jump from the bridge on Friday night for half price (it’s also almost full moon)! The festival continues on Saturday with various sustainability workshops at the Greenpop Village at Livingstone Safari Lodge in the afternoon from 15:00 followed by an evening celebrating Southern African musical talent from 18:00, performers including Jeremy Loops, Chicken Bus Band, Yes Rasta, Black Light Panda, Pat McCay, Tribute Mboweni, That Mans band and more.

Join us!

Greenpop welcomes anyone interested in the project to participate.  This includes people living and/or working in Livingstone who want to join in the fun and attend planting or events.

Tickets are available for Earth Fest in Victoria Falls from

Victoria Falls Steam Train, Zimbabwe Tourism Office, Shoestring Backpackers and Shearwater Adventures Bridge and Main Office.  They can also be bought in Livingstone from The Spot, Jolly Boys Backpackers and Livingstone Backpackers.  Ticket prices are as follows: 


Friday 19th July Train: $40 or ZMW 220

Saturday 20th July workshops and live music concert: $15 or ZMW 80 (at the door) OR $10/ ZMW 50 (presold )

Double deal (Friday and Saturday parties for Earth Fest): $50 or ZMW 270

Camping at Greenpop Village on Friday 19th July and/or Saturday 20th July: $10 or ZMW 50 per night (people are asked to bring their own tent and dinner will be on sale)

Jeremy Loops, Chicken Bus Band, Yes Rasta, Black Light Panda, Pat McCay, Tribute Mboweni, That Mans band and more.

Email Zambia@greenpop.org or call +260 96 822 0057 for information or to reserve tickets or buy at the places mentioned above.


  • Friday 12 July, 19:30: Party at the Greenpop village with Jeremy Loops. Tribute Mboweni, Flint, Meet, Spark and more. (Kr50)
  • Friday 26th July, 19:30: Party at the Greenpop village with Tribute Mboweni, Black Light Panda, Pat McCay, DJ Bobzyouruncle and more. (Kr50)


  • Tues 16th, 19:30: Environmental film screening at Greenpop Village (Kr20)
  • Tues 23rd, 19:30: Forest in Focus Film Festival at Greenpop Village (Kr20)


  • Thurs 11th, 19:30:
    What: Sustainability Speaker Evening.  Talks from Josh Ramsey, Botanist Evelyn Roe, Environmental activist Tribute Mboweni and CEO of the African Lion Environmental Research Trust Dave Youldon

 Thurs 18th , 19:30:

  • What: Deforestation Speaker Evening.  Talks by senior member of the Zambian Forestry Department Mr. Victor Chiiba; Tree expert, Meg Palgrave; Crosby from SunFire Solutions; Elizabeth Musonda talking on improved Cook Stoves.

 Thurs 25th July, 19:30:

  • What: Speaker Evening.  Talks by CEO of the African Lion Environmental Research Trust, Dave Youldon, Anna Shevel from Global Carbon Exchange and more 

Zambia: Background and challenges

Deforestation has severe ecological, social and economic impacts in Zambia.  Poor land management, burn farming, unsustainable logging and tree cutting for charcoal have led to Zambia having one of the highest deforestation rates in the world.  Deforestation brings a decrease in biodiversity, an increase in flood and drought prevalence and endangers food security. Internationally, deforestation accounts for 30% of global greenhouse-gas emissions every year.  This has motivated the Trees for Zambia action and the project’s focus on sustainable change, reforestation and eco awareness.

According to the UN-REDD programme, Zambia has approximately 50 million hectares of forest, with an estimated deforestation rate of 250,000 to 300,000 hectares per year. In an article published in The Zambia Daily Mail in July 2012 the Director of the Zambian Forestry Department, Mrs. Anne Masinja, says:

“Management of the forest has been a challenge following massive deforestation due to charcoal burning, unsustainable agriculture and unsustainable land use practices. The harm caused to the environment due to careless cutting of trees is huge. Loss of forests contributes as much as 30% of global greenhouse-gas emissions each year and this is very dangerous, we need to do something to stop this.”

More on Zambia’s forests can be found in the Trees for Zambia concept note . Additionally, Greenpop’s media partner, Makhulu, made a film, Amazing Grace during the 2012 Trees for Zambia which has won the United Nations Forum Short Film Award for Africa.

Trees for Zambia 2013 – Aims

  1. Create awareness around the deforestation issue and highlight grassroots solutions that can start being implemented
  2. Develop a culture of planting trees within communities through conservation education, and by teaching people how to plant and look after trees
  3. Highlight the global value of conserving the world’s natural forests
  4. Promote and provide alternative energy sources (particularly solar cooking), so that people can move away from the dependence on charcoal
  5. Start reforestation in protected forest sites to replace the pioneer trees, allowing for new growth and regeneration of soil content
  6. Educate children on their natural environment, and help feed them by planting fruit trees at under-privileged schools and learn from them too
  7. Promote conservation farming methods to replace slash and burn techniques that will stop

Contribute a TREE or 2 or 3
We are trying to raise trees for Trees for Zambia and are using a crowdfunding site called IndieGoGo where people from all over the world can contribute very small amounts that all add up to lots of glorious trees!

We are trying to reach a larger audience so if you happen to know people internationally that you could share this with or email to your networks etc, we would be so grateful. There are also some really cool perks that people who contribute get! One of the volunteers joining Trees for Zambia has recently offered to match all contributions on IndieGoGo so if you buy 1 tree you’re actually giving 2!

Here is the link to share: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/trees-for-zambia-2013?c=home


Greenpop is very grateful for all its partners who helped make Trees for Zambia possible and who are contributing to a sustainable future.

For more information about Trees for Zambia, contact Lauren O’Donnell on +26(0)96 822 0057 or email zambia@greenpop.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreenpopTreevolution

Twitter: @GreenpopSA

Instagram: @GreenpopSA

Sign up for Pic Of the Day Trees for Zambia – http://www.greenpop.org/newsletter-sign-up/

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We’re excited to let you know that we’ve created a kind of competition/crowd funding/cooperation opportunity for a place to attend the Biomimicry Okavango Expedition with Dr John & Nancy Jack Todd. Enter the Indiegogo campaign/competition with a $20 contribution. The combined contribution of everyone’s entries by 15 July 2013 will be pooled. The total amount will be deducted from the cost of one place ($2,750) on the Biomimicry Okavango Expedition 16-20 October 2013. If we receive more than the cost of one place, we will deduct the remaining amount from a second place, and so on…

An Opportunity of a Lifetime

“Dr John Todd is a visionary, with an uncanny knack for ecology. He is as much artist as scientist, but his medium is biology.” —Donnella Meadows
Okavango Delta
Biomimicry South Africa is excited to announce a unique biomimicry expedition opportunity in Botswana’s magnificent Okavango Delta!  Two great biomimics – Dr John Todd & Nancy Jack Todd will be visiting South Africa in October 2013 to contribute to a number of biomimicrySA’s water cleaning projects. To end off their visit we’re hosting a learning expedition in one of the world’s greatest wetlands with one of the world’s greatest wetland biomimics! More details below and on our website. Or download a PDF with full details here.

You can contribute to someone attending this expedition – and that someone could be you!
What We Need & What You Get

The cost of the expedition is $2,750. By contributing $20 (or more) to this campaign – you contribute to someone being able to attend the expedition (that otherwise would not have been able to afford it).
On 15 July 2013, the total amount contributed on this campaign will be deducted from the cost for one person to attend. Then, one of the contributors will be selected (random number allocation and selection) to be the person who attends the expedition! (If you prefer to contribute by EFT/direct deposit, email claire@biomimicrysa.co.za for details)

If we receive more than $2,750, we will offer a second place at the reduced cost ($2,750 less additional amount received), and so on for more places. By funding more places on this expedition – you make this expedition possible.
NOTE – the prize does NOT include return travel to Maun Botswana – this will need to be covered by the winner.

The Impact

We’re passionate about regenerative design and the genius of nature – how we can learn from nature to regenerate ecosystems, water, soil, etc. We’ve created this expedition to provide opportunities to discover the wonders of the Okavango through the lens of biomimicry with special guests that have a wealth of wisdom to share on ecological/regenerative engineering.

We will be creating a documentary of the expedition and sharing that with the world.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

Get the word out and make some noise about our campaign and let people know about the expedition. Who do you think should be on this expedition? – someone that could have the greatest impact on systems design from what they learn from the experience (business person, student, member of an NGO, member of government?).

OR Just like our Indiegogo page and let people know about the campaign! Please also use Facebook/Twitter and the Indiegogo share tools! You can also use this link to SHARE: goo.gl/Y70yd

Thanks for your support!

Biomimicry Inst

“The tightly-knit forests, corals, tundras, and grasslands of this planet are the envy of all of us who thirst for a sustainable and equitable world. As communities, they not only create, but continually heal and enhance their places. Our places, too. What better models could there be?” – Janine Benyus


Earth Day

Earth Day picToday we celebrate with Mother Earth Happy Earth Day! and here’s to Acts of Environmental Kindness

Let’s celebrate with our earthlings across the entire world and  show our love of the earth on this day, and every day.

Love begins in the home and so does the love for our earth. Let’s  teach our children to respect the earth on every level, they will continue to realise the global impact of environmentalism when they become adults. .

Perhaps we can set off that spark in a child, by planting seeds early on thereby inspiring our children to  possibly pursue a career in environmentalism.

On Earth Day, we celebrate what the earth gives us—the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the trees we use for timber, paper, furniture, and to build our homes. We think about the plants and animals with whom we share the earth.

Begin with little things. Easy things. Obvious things. Things we take for granted each day, and use and/or abuse because of our lack of knowledge. Let’s start there. Remember that children learn from what we do.

There are some wonderful family activities you can do together while learning about the environment. Make a “to do” list and make it fun! Do as many hands-on projects as you can each day to help save the earth in little ways. Have the children keep a chart or journal about everything they do. Here are some suggestions:

bulletIndoors: Read books, magazines, websites and newspapers and learn more about the earth. Conserve energy and save water by letting children find (and a parent fix) dripping faucets; only running the dishwasher when full; taking short showers; turning the water off while brushing your teeth; turning off electrical items when not in use; doing full loads of laundry only. Recycle cans, bottles and newspapers.

bulletOutdoors: Plant a tree. Plant a garden. Clean up roadside litter. Create a habitat by putting up a birdhouse. Build a compost for food scraps, leaves and lawn clippings. Save rainwater and reuse for outdoor gardens.

bulletAt School: Urge teachers  to do activities for Earth Day and every day. Suggest ideas for projects: write poetry; create environmentally-themed music; have an environmental poster contest. Check to see which sources of electricity you can conserve in your school (electric pencil sharpener, lights on in rooms not used, etc.) and keep a chart about how many ways you saved energy.

bulletAt Work: Make a company Earth Day resolutions list. Conserve paper and electricity. Close shades in the summer to prevent high heat in offices. Don’t use air conditioning all the time. Recycle cans, bottles and newspapers at the office.

bulletWhile Traveling: Visit parks and nature centers. Visit a maritime museum. While on a drive, have children count how many things might be polluting the air, land or water, and then research if anything is being done to correct the problem.

bulletFor Pets: Attend a dog-friendly Earth Day event. Organize a dog park cleanup. Take a hike on a dog-friendly trail. Use natural flea control. Buy organic pet food. Avoid plastic and synthetic toys and dog beds, and use natural fiber products. Scoop up the poop, compost it, or use biodegradable poop bags if you live in the city. Adopt a pet from a shelter. Spay or neuter your pet.

bulletJoin a Group: Join organizations that help save endangered animals. Adopt an endangered species online. Join any group that supports Earth Day issues.

bulletCommunity Service: Volunteer your time in any way that will improve the environment.  Does your community have a nature center? Maybe you can volunteer there.

With thanks www.lowersouthampton.patch.com


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2 weekends, 4000 trees

Greenpops Reforest Fest at  South Africas southern-most indigenous forest – Platbos Forest

Reforest Come experience and give back to the unique ecosystem and intense biodiversity of Platbos Forest where Afromontane tree species combine with coastal forest tree species.


Greenpop plans to host two reforestation festivals in the Platbos forest during May 2013.

For the third year running, Greenpop will be hosting the Reforest Fest in Platbos forest. This annual reforestation effort has seen over 3000 indigenous trees being planted in the southern-most forest of Africa since 2011. The Reforest fest combines a strong reforestation effort with the fun and entertainment of a music festival, using the opportunity of staying in a magical forest to inspire the participants to environmental action. This year Greenpop plans to host two weekend Reforest Fests during May and aims to plant 4000 trees in total (2000 per weekend). The first is a FAMILY fest (weekend of 10th, 11th and 12th May) and the second a FRIENDS fest (weekend of 17th, 18th & 19th May).

Greenpop is a social enterprise that believes greening and sustainable living can be fun, POPular and accessible for all. Thus the Greenpop Reforest Fest will aim to protect and grow the Platbos forest through two reforestation festivals, where tree-planting efforts are coupled with fun activities and music. Of the last festival in 2012, a one of the participants said, “It was really great to feel part of a community that was purposeful and that was having fun at the same time.”

The ancient Platbos forest where the Reforest Fest takes place is situated near Gansbaai in the Overberg region, 1½ hours drive from Cape Town. Platbos, a relic forest with trees of over 1000 years of age, forms part of one of the rare and endangered ecosystems of the Western Cape and has a unique mix of indigenous trees from coastal and mountainous regions – Afromontane tree species are combined with coastal forest tree species – creating a unique ecosystem of intense biodiversity. The forest supports not only a diverse plant life but also an animal one, with species such as the bushbuck and endangered leopard toad making the forest their home. To see the forest on the map, click on this maplink: http://g.co/maps/86p7f or read more about the ancient Platbos forest here: http://www.platbos.co.za/.

Like many natural forests around the world, parts of Platbos have been cleared over the past decades for cultivation. Today, many of these cleared areas are being taken over by dense invasive alien vegetation, which pose a serious fire risk to the forest. In response to this issue, Melissa and Francois Krige of Platbos have launched the Trees for Tomorrow reforestation programme. Through this, endemic seeds are harvested from the forest, reared in the Platbos Forest Tree Nursery and then replanted to extend and grow the forest. It’s important to plant these endemic trees because they are adapted to drought and serve as an important food source for the bird and animal species that live here.

The reforestation element of the Reforest Fest is an important intervention in restoring and protecting the natural forest by pushing back the boundary of the encroaching alien vegetation and creating firebreaks to protect the forest. Protecting the natural forest increases and conserves the biodiversity of the forest environment, as well as its carbon-sink capacity – both crucial elements in climate change and environmental sustainability.

Coupled with the chief objective of mass reforestation just before the rainy season, the Reforest Fest was created by Greenpop and Platbos to enable a unique and magical experience and an opportunity for people to re-connect with nature whilst enjoying themselves. The Reforest Fest therefore consists of tree-planting as well as many different activities and fun elements, including a musical line-up, relaxing and interesting forest activities and delicious vegetarian food.

The Reforest Fest is suitable for people of all ages; in previous years the festival has had participants ranging from 4 to 65 years of age and everyone has a chance to get stuck in. Due to the popularity of the event and the need for reforestation efforts, the Reforest Fest is happening twice during May 2013. Both festivals are suitable for people of all ages and will have activities, tasty food, great music, yoga and tree-planting. The two festivals, however, will be slightly different:

The first is a FAMILY fest (weekend of 10th, 11th and 12th May), which will be suitable for family and people of all ages. Specially timed for Mother’s day, it will have fun music on the Saturday evening that will end at 10:30pm (for an early night under the stars) and varied fun/ educational activities for kids, teens and adults, including a special Mother’s day activity tree planting on the Sunday morning. This festival will focus on family activities and includes:

  • Interactive musical sessions and instrument making
  • Arts and crafts
  • Hoola hooping
  • Yoga and tree meditation
  • Slack-lining
  • Forest walks
  • And more

Band line up includes:

TouchWood – a gypsy afro-folk band

Croc e Moses – slam poet and musician

DJ Bob’s your Uncle – Jungle-book mash-ups and fun beats

And other exciting guests!


The second is a FRIENDS fest (weekend of 17th, 18th & 19th May), which will have more upbeat dancing music on the Saturday evening (a forest party that will end at 2:30am-ish or later) and varied active and restful activities on the Sunday. This is also open to people of all ages, but parents must be aware of the Saturday night party. This exciting party includes live music to soul-filled DJ sets.

Band line up includes:

Holiday Murray –  popular Folk Rock band

TouchWood – gypsy afro-folk band

Green Grass Grow – jazzy afro-pop band

Patrick McCay from Two Minute Puzzle – folk rock and acoustic music

DJ Lt. Fizzer – Swing/Balkan beats

DJ Kimon – funk/afrobeat/jazz/hiphop

And other exciting guests!

Ticket prices and specials:

Tickets for the Reforest Fest are R550 (R350 for children under 12). This includes the music festival and camping as well as all delicious meals, all tree-planting logistics and fun activities such as yoga and slack-lining. For bookings of 6or more the cheapest ticket will be free.

And if you can’t buy a ticket, people are encouraged to raise Trees for Tickets by setting up an activist portal on GivenGain and raising 10 trees for their ticket. Information on this option can be offered by emailing tickets@greenpop.org.

Tickets for the festivals are limited as it is an intimate affair – bookings can be made by filling in this online form: http://goo.gl/s8MQZ

Our Valuable Partners

The two Reforest Fests are made possible by collaborations and partnerships with these awesome companies. Greenpop would especially like to thank the key partners for this event, Platbos Forest, Makhulu Moving Images, Reliance Compost and the Green Building Council of South Africa.

Greenpop’s other valuable partners for the Reforest Fest 2013 are:

Green Shebeen, BOS Ice Tea, Starke Ayres, Sir Juice, Fry’s Family, Knead, Rodgers’ Fruiters and Mitchell’s Brewery, Hemporium, Jesse James, The Pole Yard, Levi’s®, House of Marley, the Green Cab Company, SunFire Solutions, World Gaia, Earthdance and Aurecon.

If you would like more information on the Reforest Fests in May 2013, or to request to cover the event, please contact Lauren O’Donnell on lauren@greenpop.org or 021 461 9265 / 083 412 8006. We greatly appreciate all promotions and coverage.

For ticketing and booking enquiries, please contact tickets@greenpop.org

Booking forms is here: http://goo.gl/s8MQZ

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Tourism Tattler Partners with The Green Expo

Tourism Tattler partners with The Green Expo

As South Africa’s official trade journal for the tourism industry, The Green Expo is proud to welcome the Tourism Tattler as a media partner.  Not only are many tourist destinations greatly affected by climate change but eco-friendly tourism can play a huge role in reducing the environmental impact of your holiday.

Southern Africa has many eco-friendly destinations to choose from and we have so many hotels, lodges and guest houses that not only minimise their own carbon emissions and environmental impact but also place the visitor in the midst of the magnificence of Africa to witness some of the last remaining pristine spaces of the world.  These establishments are those that have energy and water saving processes and recycle and compost waste.  Most will source their food locally and in some cases they grow their own vegetables.

Very few visitors come away unaffected by such an experience.  Having seen the last few hundred of an endangered species and been exposed to the fragility of the environment it is easy to take sides with those promoting conservation and saving the planet.  We would like to promote this as a driver of change and  we hope to feature some of those who actively involved and doing their bit in this newsletter over the coming months and later at our expos in Sandton and Cape Town.

Contact Chris to find out about how to promote your destinations or tourist services at The Green Expo.

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Get Odyssey and Simply Green Digimag Free!

Odyssey and Simply Green Magazines now have a free Digimag available for you to download…

Click the image below




Odyssey Magazine is now digital. The move from print to digital is driven by imperatives ranging from the much smaller carbon footprint of digital publications, through to the ease of access to a far wider audience using any existing digital platforms.

We are very proud of our bumper first edition, so please take the time to read it by clicking on the image left.

green-expo-simplygreen-bannerSimply Green Magazine is going digital. The move from print to digital is driven by imperatives ranging from the much smaller carbon footprint of digital publications, through to the ease of access to a far wider audience using any existing digital platforms.

Click below or on the image to the left to read the first edition.

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 SimplyGreenCoverPicMarch 7th, 2013 – Cape Town – Simply Green Magazine is proud to announce the migration of their award-winning and pioneering green lifestyle print magazine to a fully integrated, multi-media digital format.

Simply Green Digital heralds a new era in publishing in South Africa, one that dramatically reduces our environmental impact to a minimum. With publishing now rapidly converting to a digital format via the Internet, tablets and smart phones, Simply Green Digital utilises the medium in delivering a modern multi-media platform promoting the finest in environmentally conscious culture.


Simply Green Digital has a number of significant partnership deals already secured for distribution of the ‘free to view’ magazine, and is working with well-known content providers such as Howzit MSN to spread the word about going green. These deals give Simply Green lifestyle magazine a reach of over 3.6 million at launch, with this expected to increase rapidly through further partnerships and viral distribution.


Chris Erasmus, publisher of Simply Green Magazine says, “Over the past year, we have been working on ‘walking our talk’ in the most effective way possible and looking into going carbon-neutral and 100% waste-less. We lead the charge in the green lifestyle publishing space in South Africa and have felt for a long time that it is up to us as leaders to set an example”.  


Simply Green Digital is set to launch South Africa’s first ‘free-to-readers’ green digital magazine, offering the most effective channel to reach the South African consumer, as well as simultaneously platforming business-to-business communications, thereby driving awareness of the impact of the choices we make on the environment and our health. Advertisers and partners are given a unique opportunity to interact with this vast audience through a stylish, high production quality and award-winning online magazine that can direct engaged parties to external websites or videos through hyperlinks. Advertisers are also free to use their existing databases to distribute the magazine, and in that way show their support for the environment while promoting products and brands.


Marketing will be driven by not only exposure to MSN’s global community through Simply Green’s content, but through viral dispersion of a link to the digimag by all of the magazine’s stakeholders, including advertisers, readers and service and product suppliers – along with their own networks and associations across all digital platforms. The new digimag will be readable online or downloadable onto any digital platform and can be passed on through forwarding to third parties as a one-click hyperlink which shall be provided as the issue goes live, and which will feature prominently on Simply Green’s weekly mailers, currently enjoying a subscription base of over 20,000.


A whole new audience, who prefer reading online, will be introduced to the values and benefits of going green, and will be encouraged to interact with the growing community associated with the magazine through the power of social media.


The entire operation will be managed exactly as the print run (but without printing) with full editorial team, design and technical staff to create and support the process. Advertising and editorial can now be content enriched with video, audio and hyperlinks.


The launch will go live and viral week of March 11th 2013, and instead of only 6 print magazines this year, will be generating 12 digital magazines with something very special due for January 2014.


The new offering will engage readers in a whole new way and will offer:


1.  The digimag will be hosted by Issuu where, as a free-to-public publication, it will be exposed via in-site promotion to that site’s 52 million users.

Launch reach to over 3.6 million and growing

2. 12 issues instead of only 6 print issues – offering more opportunity for editorial, promotions and information

3. A content-rich, interactive magazine with hyperlinks directly to advertiser’s website and products.

4. 4 x e-newsletters per month promoting the digital magazine to a database of over 20,000 recipients.

5. Opportunity to connect and work with corporates’ integrated social media and online PR and promotional drives.

6. Viral promotional campaigns and competition linked to all social media.

7. Cross-marketing between our regular weekly mailers, the digimag and our website will be ongoing.

8. Other high-visitor digital portals will shortly also be open for further viral and direct marketing of the digimag.


For further information, contact:

Simply Green Editor, Nicole Sherwin – 072 946 2988

Simply Green Publisher Chris Erasmus – 021 8713 0018


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Mail & Guardian – Greening The Future Awards

M&G Greening the Future AwardsIn 2013 the Mail & Guardian’s annual flagship, Greening the Future, celebrates a decade of honouring environmental best practice in South Africa. For the past 10 years Greening the Future has publicised innovative efforts to create a cleaner planet without compromising progress. It showcases innovation in renewable energy, action to combat climate change and strategic management of natural resources.

In 2013 the new Rhino Rescue Award will be added to the categories of this prestigious flagship to honour all the companies and individuals contributing to saving South Africa’s rhinos from extinction.

The awards are judged by a panel of forward-thinking and experienced individuals involved in shaping environmental sustainability in South Africa.

We invite companies, parastatals, NGOs, schools, institutions and individuals to join in the celebration of the Greening Decade by showcasing your success stories in making the world a better place for those who live in it.

Click here to get the entry form to the M&G Greening the Future Awards

Greening The Future 2013 Synopsis

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Redesign Competition

In 2012 a recurring theme at The Green Expos was “Re-think”, to join the “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle”  mantra.  This year we have another Re to add.  Re-Design!   We believe that design is where it all starts and ends. The fascinating insights given by the bio-mimicry speakers last year bore testament to this as did many of the products exhibited.   The search for zero waste will be carried by good design.

As a tribute to this we are providing exhibition space to designers with a sustainable message or product.. Designers, have a look at our website for more information on our competition.

Re-Design Entry

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