Tourism Tattler Partners with The Green Expo

Tourism Tattler partners with The Green Expo

As South Africa’s official trade journal for the tourism industry, The Green Expo is proud to welcome the Tourism Tattler as a media partner.  Not only are many tourist destinations greatly affected by climate change but eco-friendly tourism can play a huge role in reducing the environmental impact of your holiday.

Southern Africa has many eco-friendly destinations to choose from and we have so many hotels, lodges and guest houses that not only minimise their own carbon emissions and environmental impact but also place the visitor in the midst of the magnificence of Africa to witness some of the last remaining pristine spaces of the world.  These establishments are those that have energy and water saving processes and recycle and compost waste.  Most will source their food locally and in some cases they grow their own vegetables.

Very few visitors come away unaffected by such an experience.  Having seen the last few hundred of an endangered species and been exposed to the fragility of the environment it is easy to take sides with those promoting conservation and saving the planet.  We would like to promote this as a driver of change and  we hope to feature some of those who actively involved and doing their bit in this newsletter over the coming months and later at our expos in Sandton and Cape Town.

Contact Chris to find out about how to promote your destinations or tourist services at The Green Expo.

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