2 weekends, 4000 trees

Greenpops Reforest Fest at  South Africas southern-most indigenous forest – Platbos Forest

Reforest Come experience and give back to the unique ecosystem and intense biodiversity of Platbos Forest where Afromontane tree species combine with coastal forest tree species.


Greenpop plans to host two reforestation festivals in the Platbos forest during May 2013.

For the third year running, Greenpop will be hosting the Reforest Fest in Platbos forest. This annual reforestation effort has seen over 3000 indigenous trees being planted in the southern-most forest of Africa since 2011. The Reforest fest combines a strong reforestation effort with the fun and entertainment of a music festival, using the opportunity of staying in a magical forest to inspire the participants to environmental action. This year Greenpop plans to host two weekend Reforest Fests during May and aims to plant 4000 trees in total (2000 per weekend). The first is a FAMILY fest (weekend of 10th, 11th and 12th May) and the second a FRIENDS fest (weekend of 17th, 18th & 19th May).

Greenpop is a social enterprise that believes greening and sustainable living can be fun, POPular and accessible for all. Thus the Greenpop Reforest Fest will aim to protect and grow the Platbos forest through two reforestation festivals, where tree-planting efforts are coupled with fun activities and music. Of the last festival in 2012, a one of the participants said, “It was really great to feel part of a community that was purposeful and that was having fun at the same time.”

The ancient Platbos forest where the Reforest Fest takes place is situated near Gansbaai in the Overberg region, 1½ hours drive from Cape Town. Platbos, a relic forest with trees of over 1000 years of age, forms part of one of the rare and endangered ecosystems of the Western Cape and has a unique mix of indigenous trees from coastal and mountainous regions – Afromontane tree species are combined with coastal forest tree species – creating a unique ecosystem of intense biodiversity. The forest supports not only a diverse plant life but also an animal one, with species such as the bushbuck and endangered leopard toad making the forest their home. To see the forest on the map, click on this maplink: http://g.co/maps/86p7f or read more about the ancient Platbos forest here: http://www.platbos.co.za/.

Like many natural forests around the world, parts of Platbos have been cleared over the past decades for cultivation. Today, many of these cleared areas are being taken over by dense invasive alien vegetation, which pose a serious fire risk to the forest. In response to this issue, Melissa and Francois Krige of Platbos have launched the Trees for Tomorrow reforestation programme. Through this, endemic seeds are harvested from the forest, reared in the Platbos Forest Tree Nursery and then replanted to extend and grow the forest. It’s important to plant these endemic trees because they are adapted to drought and serve as an important food source for the bird and animal species that live here.

The reforestation element of the Reforest Fest is an important intervention in restoring and protecting the natural forest by pushing back the boundary of the encroaching alien vegetation and creating firebreaks to protect the forest. Protecting the natural forest increases and conserves the biodiversity of the forest environment, as well as its carbon-sink capacity – both crucial elements in climate change and environmental sustainability.

Coupled with the chief objective of mass reforestation just before the rainy season, the Reforest Fest was created by Greenpop and Platbos to enable a unique and magical experience and an opportunity for people to re-connect with nature whilst enjoying themselves. The Reforest Fest therefore consists of tree-planting as well as many different activities and fun elements, including a musical line-up, relaxing and interesting forest activities and delicious vegetarian food.

The Reforest Fest is suitable for people of all ages; in previous years the festival has had participants ranging from 4 to 65 years of age and everyone has a chance to get stuck in. Due to the popularity of the event and the need for reforestation efforts, the Reforest Fest is happening twice during May 2013. Both festivals are suitable for people of all ages and will have activities, tasty food, great music, yoga and tree-planting. The two festivals, however, will be slightly different:

The first is a FAMILY fest (weekend of 10th, 11th and 12th May), which will be suitable for family and people of all ages. Specially timed for Mother’s day, it will have fun music on the Saturday evening that will end at 10:30pm (for an early night under the stars) and varied fun/ educational activities for kids, teens and adults, including a special Mother’s day activity tree planting on the Sunday morning. This festival will focus on family activities and includes:

  • Interactive musical sessions and instrument making
  • Arts and crafts
  • Hoola hooping
  • Yoga and tree meditation
  • Slack-lining
  • Forest walks
  • And more

Band line up includes:

TouchWood – a gypsy afro-folk band

Croc e Moses – slam poet and musician

DJ Bob’s your Uncle – Jungle-book mash-ups and fun beats

And other exciting guests!


The second is a FRIENDS fest (weekend of 17th, 18th & 19th May), which will have more upbeat dancing music on the Saturday evening (a forest party that will end at 2:30am-ish or later) and varied active and restful activities on the Sunday. This is also open to people of all ages, but parents must be aware of the Saturday night party. This exciting party includes live music to soul-filled DJ sets.

Band line up includes:

Holiday Murray –  popular Folk Rock band

TouchWood – gypsy afro-folk band

Green Grass Grow – jazzy afro-pop band

Patrick McCay from Two Minute Puzzle – folk rock and acoustic music

DJ Lt. Fizzer – Swing/Balkan beats

DJ Kimon – funk/afrobeat/jazz/hiphop

And other exciting guests!

Ticket prices and specials:

Tickets for the Reforest Fest are R550 (R350 for children under 12). This includes the music festival and camping as well as all delicious meals, all tree-planting logistics and fun activities such as yoga and slack-lining. For bookings of 6or more the cheapest ticket will be free.

And if you can’t buy a ticket, people are encouraged to raise Trees for Tickets by setting up an activist portal on GivenGain and raising 10 trees for their ticket. Information on this option can be offered by emailing tickets@greenpop.org.

Tickets for the festivals are limited as it is an intimate affair – bookings can be made by filling in this online form: http://goo.gl/s8MQZ

Our Valuable Partners

The two Reforest Fests are made possible by collaborations and partnerships with these awesome companies. Greenpop would especially like to thank the key partners for this event, Platbos Forest, Makhulu Moving Images, Reliance Compost and the Green Building Council of South Africa.

Greenpop’s other valuable partners for the Reforest Fest 2013 are:

Green Shebeen, BOS Ice Tea, Starke Ayres, Sir Juice, Fry’s Family, Knead, Rodgers’ Fruiters and Mitchell’s Brewery, Hemporium, Jesse James, The Pole Yard, Levi’s®, House of Marley, the Green Cab Company, SunFire Solutions, World Gaia, Earthdance and Aurecon.

If you would like more information on the Reforest Fests in May 2013, or to request to cover the event, please contact Lauren O’Donnell on lauren@greenpop.org or 021 461 9265 / 083 412 8006. We greatly appreciate all promotions and coverage.

For ticketing and booking enquiries, please contact tickets@greenpop.org

Booking forms is here: http://goo.gl/s8MQZ

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